Here’s how you can bring your products to our global community of more 2 billion customers.

Being a Part of the Marketplace Marketplace is designed with simplicity at its heart. We work closely with partners to deliver a truly seamless experience for users, creating the ability for vendors to deploy fully manufactured products with the click of a button.

Today, Vendors can list their products fully manufactured in Africa on Droplets.

Getting Your Products Ready for the Marketplace.

We have provided a set of guidelines and scripts to enable you as a vendor to setup your virtual shop on our marketplace.

If you have questions or concerns that come up as you build your image, you can always click on the help button and help will reach you accordingly, or after your product-listing to the Marketplace is accepted, you can join us in the Okatakyie Vendor Forum. It is where Premium Intelligent networks & Systems employees and Marketplace Vendors collaborate and share best practices about manufacturing and promoting the best African made products in the Marketplace.

Creating Your First Listing

Once we have reviewed and approved your application to become a Marketplace Vendor, your product listing will be active on the platform. The Marketplace is searchable, by Google and through a built-in search function. So make sure that you are including keywords in your listing that will help the community when they are searching for a solution to their problem.

Representation Guidelines

To ensure that your products and Okatakyie’s is represented accurately and fairly to the community, keep these guidelines in mind when naming and writing the description of your image.

  • Be clear that does not build or support your image. Take credit for your hard work! We build and support the Marketplace, and Vendors like you create and support the marketplace that you offer on our platform.

Use our full, correct names. Our company name is “Premium Intelligent networks & Systems” or our trade name is “”.

  • Don’t disparage or dress down other products from other Vendors (or us!) in your listing. Let the quality of your product shine on its own by not using language like “better than OtherCompany’s product” on

Launching and Promoting Your Listing

By making your products available in the Okatakyie Marketplace, it will be searchable and visible to our global community of more than 2 billion customers including vendors here as well.

You can also promote your listing in the Marketplace in the following ways.

Place a Branded Create Button on Your Site

Feel free to create a branded logo and specific unique slogan for your products that can enhance your chances of getting your shop stick in the minds of your customers.

Share Your Listing Page with Your Community

Once your listing is published at the URL marketplace<name-of-your-shop>, feel free to share it with your community via social media or other channels.

  • To make it easier for users to spin up your shop, you can let users who already have a account skip your Shop Listing Page and go directly to the exact product. To do this, you can add the ‘action=deploy’ query string to your URL, like so:<name-of-your-product>?action=deploy. (If a user doesn’t have an account — no worries. When they hit this link they’ll simply land on your product Listing page.)
  • Potentially earn Okatakyie credits by including a referral code when you share a link to your app. If a visitor to your listing is new to and purchase up your product, you’re potentially eligible to get Okatakyie credits applied to your account if your referral code was included in the URL. For example, if your referral code is 12345678, then you would use a URL like one of these when sharing your app with your community: https://marketplace.”Okatakyie”.com/store/<name-of-your-product>?action=deploy&refcode=12345678 or<name-of-your-product>?refcode=12345678. Learn more about our Referral Program by clicking here.

Engaging with Our Community

Once you’ve launched your product listings, there are even more ways to engage with  Okatakyie’s community.

Join the “Okatakyie” Developer Forum

The Developer Forum is where Vendors and Premium Intelligent networks & Systems Marketplace team members will be sharing best practices and trading tips on how to see the most impact from the Marketplace. If your application to join the Marketplace is approved, we’ll send you a link with instructions about how to join the forum.

Apply to Be a Writer

You can share your knowledge about your shop with the millions of visitors a month who read our technical tutorials and guides. Check out the FAQ and apply to become a writer.